Dunheved Art brings you a striking new collection of original paintings by one imaginative Cornish artist.  Due to profound disability and the limitations of his chronic illness (ME/CFS), the artist’s particular style has gradually evolved over the last few years and is inspired by the work of street artist Banksy, West Cornwall artist Kurt Jackson and the Impressionists.  Combining a glimpse of nostalgia from the Launceston area, a twist of urban architecture and a sense of luminous, dynamic texture within landscape studies, this work feels very different from established acrylic styles.  

Take a look and enjoy the unfolding collection.  To buy an original painting, please contact the artist’s wife, Cherry at dunhevedart@gmail.com.  She manages all sales and exhibitions.  Studio viewing may be available by appointment at Launceston, Cornwall.  Check out Instagram and Facebook for the latest paintings and special offers on @dunhevedart. 

 10% of all painting sales from 2019 will be donated to the charity, Invest in ME Research (IiMER).

Launceston Skyline

Launceston Skyline – FOR SALE

Castle Footprints

A limited number of ‘Castle Footprints’ cards are available for £2.00 each, or £10 for 6.

Also, a limited edition of prints is also available at £60.

Please contact Cherry at cherrypyke@gmail.com or dunhevedart@gmail.com if you are interested.


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